Established in 1981 , WEST-COAST Engineering Works Pvt. Ltd is the pioneer in the Gratings industry in India. It was established at a time where gratings were only imported to India. Having a first mover advantage led us create our products and develop the Indian market in 1980’s. 

We have since then done constant R & D and not only adapted but been ahead of our times. Even today we are developing very specialised products which has a niche market. Our products are developed to offer site solutions and value addition. Our excellent design capabilities allows for cost competency in this competitive industry.

Our products have their application in the following industries to name a few:

  1. Offshore Platforms
  2. Sewage Treatment Plants
  3. Solar Rooftop Power Projects
  4. Water Treatment Plants
  5. Fertiliser Plants
  6. Metro Railways
  7. Chemical Plants


With 40 years of rich experience we have concluded that progress is depended not only on the tri factor of Quality, cost and timely delivery but by providing value addition, product and service wise to our customers.