Aluminium Platform Gratings or Aluminium Deck Type Gratings are suitable for sewage treatment plants and offshore oil platforms. Especially in case of offshore platforms the operator works in middle of the ocean and is easily distracted by the high speed flow of waves beneath him. This leads to vertigo effect and can sometimes cause a loss of balance if sea is too rough. Respectively, his output efficiency decreases substantially. Therefore we have designed a special Aluminium platform either totally closed or partially open that enables wind movement. These platforms are safe and protective. These are WELDLESS gratings.


Further normally in such platforms- MS galvanized open type gratings are used which constantly remain in highly saline atmosphere and it starts corroding very fast and the section of the main bar grating reduces substantially due to heavy corrosion.  Therefore, it is very risky to work on such platforms unless it is replaced frequently to safeguard person walking on it for his safety purpose. Replacement becomes expensive , time consuming and leads to productivity loss. To overcome this issue, we suggest to change the Material of construction from Mild Steel to Aluminium alloy suitable for structural strength as well as for corrosive resistance.