We were the pioneers to begin manufacturing gratings in India in around 1964. All international contractors were importing gratings from their own country to complete the project. In those days we got the opportunity and with the help of international contractors we started manufacturing gratings in India. Consequently, we started supplying the same to Indian projects thus we tried to make it import substitute.

In a period of time we were the first company to export gratings in 1978 to Kuwait. Consequently, we supplied all the Kuwait roadways projects in the years to come. This gave us the confidence to enter into other export markets mainly the Gulf sector where we exported to Qatar, Bahrain, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Oman to name a few. We eventually also entered into exporting to Jordan, Morocco and Vietnam. Hence over the years our customer base was divided into Domestic and Exports. With respect to the Domestic market we began working with prestigious multinational companies and from singular orders we moved to projects. The advantage with projects is not only the quantum of job but having the opportunity to bring techno-economics to the job.

Therefore we began from scratch in an era where there was limited technology and infrastructure, which is a contrast from today’s environment. However, we have always adapted to the changes in the environment aiding to our growth. We would define success not based on the tangible parameters like volume of work done over the years or profits made. We consider ourselves successful because we are most experienced in the market today with most ‘ industry knowledge’, making it our core competency.